Shade Out DM Jasper Islington Hard Enamel Pin


$5 of each pin sale goes to #shadeoutdm

Jasper Islington is known for his epic Paper Apocalypse battles, Haiku, and general shenanigans. He used his social media platform to help raise funds for Corgis in need starting in 2014. He was diagnosed with DM in July of 2019 and became focused on raising awareness of this horrible disease while sharing his experiences to help others fighting their own battles with DM battles

Most, if not all of you, followed the inimitable Jasper and his adventures on social media, but for those of you who did not follow him already, please see his IG account @jasperislington celebrating this beautiful boy as well as the continuing adventures of the newest addition to the House of Islington, Jarvis Darlington.

As with the other #shadeoutdm pins, $5 of each pin will go directly to Shade Out DM, and they have chosen to use the proceeds to go into creating more pin designs!

Jasper's legacy lives on as his memory is helping to spread awareness of this terrible disease. He will be forever loved and forever missed, but never forgotten.

Jasper is 1.75 inches long with silver plating and two black rubber backings.

What is DM? DM stands for Degenerative Myelopathy, which would be the canine version of ALS/LouGehrig's Disease. It affects over 100 dog breeds and is often misunderstood and misdiagnosed. Many people are unaware of this non-curable disease, so we want to spread awareness, as it CAN be prevented by genetic testing prior to breeding & making well educated decisions.

For more information, please visit and give @shadeoutdm a follow on IG

Quantity: 1
Size: 1.75"
Finish: Silver Plating
Two Red Rubber Backings

Colors might vary from your screen.
Illustrations and original designs © Jessica Withee/Momo Patch