Shade Out DM - KC #shadeoutdm Logo Hard Enamel Pin


Some of you may or may not know that KC is the inspiration behind the Shade Out DM logo. She loved wearing her 'sunnies' and the reaction she would get from people when they saw her. Since she suffered from DM, a friend suggested that they 'Shade Out DM', and #shadeoutdm was born to help spread awareness of this terrible disease

What is DM? DM stands for Degenerative Myelopathy, which would be the canine version of ALS/Lou Gehrig's Disease. It affects over 100 dog breeds and is often misunderstood and misdiagnosed. Many people are unaware of this incurable disease, so we want to spread awareness, as it CAN be prevented by genetic testing prior to breeding; making well educated decisions.

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As with the other #shadeoutdm pins, $5 of each pin will go directly to Shade Out DM, and they have chosen to use the proceeds to go into creating more pin designs to help spread awareness!

KC is 1.5 Inches long with two purple heart rubber backings

Quantity: 1
Size: 1.5"
Finish: Silver Plating
Two Purple Heart Rubber Backings

Colors might vary from your screen
Illustrations and original designs © Jessica Withee/Momo Patch