Snorkel and Scuba Corgi Hard Enamel Pins

SKU: MPEP202132

Scuba and Snorkel Corgis have been in the works for almost two years! I finally had the chance to have these made and I have to give a special thank you to Melinda for the suggestion and for her patience!

A lot of corgis actually do like water and like to swim, surf etc. I'm sure you've seen videos of corgs on slides and jumping in pools or lakes. This set is for all of you who love the ocean and water sports! And if your pups don't like water, well...these guys do ;)

Snorkel Corgi (R&W corg) comes with his snorkel gear and holding a seashell. Scuba Corgi (tri-corg) comes with his scuba gear, bubbles (made of satin stained glass) and fish passing by.

Scuba and Snorkel corgis are sold separately or as a set.

Quantity: 1 or Set
Size: Snorkel: 1" H / Scuba: 1.75" W
R&W Corg (snorkel) or Tri Corg (scuba)
Silver Plating
Two Rubber Backings (Scuba: Red/Snorkel: Blue)
Satin Stained Glass

Colors might vary from your screen
Illustrations and original designs © Jessica Withee/Momo Patch