Stinky Allen Vasculitis Corgi Warrior Hard Enamel Pin

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This hard enamel pin is in honor of Stinky Allen. Stinky battled with an autoimmune disease called Vasculitis and has since crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Here he is depicted with his best friend, Purple Paul, who he kept by his side when he was sick. He will be forever loved and forever missed.

Did you know that Vasculitis is very uncommon in dogs and rare in cats? It is passed down genetically and not transferable to others by contact.

But what is Vasculitis?

Vasculitis is an autoimmune disorder where the body attacks it's own blood vessels, which in turn, causes atrophy of the skin and blood vessels in the targeted area. Usually other animals that have Vasculitis display symptoms like scabs on their ears, paws, and elbows, as well as sometimes losing hair in the affected area.
Stinky was affected mostly on his nose, but did have some scabs all over his body, mostly on his lower back and tummy.

This rare disease is hardly studied and not well understood in the medical field. His furmom hopes to find more and more pups that have this disease so they can support one another. Be sure to check out the Facebook groups for canine and feline autoimmune diseases for more support.

Because of Bandit’s Bandaid, Stinky Allen wouldn’t have had an amazing 5 extra years of life. They helped raise over $10,000 for Stinky in a matter of months from all his ER and specialist bills!

Therefore, $5 of each pin sale will be donated to Bandit's Bandaid.

Follow @stinkyallenthecorgi on IG to follow the further adventures of Stinky's family and to learn more about Vasculitis.

For more information on Bandit's Bandaid, please visit:

Quantity: 1
Size: 1.75" Wide
Finish: Gold Plating
Two Pink Rubber Backings

Colors might vary from your screen.
Illustrations and original designs © Jessica Withee/Momo Patch

Customer Reviews

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David M.
Great product

This was a Mother’s Dsy present to my wife. We are both first-time Corgi parents. Because we love our Corgi, we feel a connection to all other corgi parents. The pin is beautiful and we love it and Stinky Allen!

Shannon W.


Amie S.
Love how you captured his

Love how you captured his cute nose! The colors are fabulous. All of the pin I have purchased from you are awesome :purple_heart:

Lisa D.
Beautiful just like Stinky Allen

Beautiful just like Stinky Allen . His journey was a long one. I just love my pin. The detail is fantastic.

Carol Y.
Stinky Pin Review

This was the second pin I have ordered from momopatch and I love both of them! They are very well made, and the designs are adorable! They really captured the likeness of both dogs!